2015-2020 Ford F-150 KING RANCH Custom Painted Grille Oval/ Tailgate Oval / Fender Emblem Set

  • $536.99


Ford Genuine Parts F-150 KING RANCH Custom Painted Grille Oval / Tailgate Oval/ Fender Emblem Set 

  • New Genuine Ford Grille Oval/ Tailgate Oval/ KING RANCH Fender Emblem Set (Front Grille Oval (X1)/ Tailgate Oval (X1)/ Fender Vent Set (X1RH/ X1LH) 
  • Direct Fit for all 2015-2020 F-150 Trucks  
  • Ready to install
  • Custom Painted using top quality PPG Automotive Paints & Clear coat
  • Sets Available with and without Front Camera 
    All colors available in three different finishes: 
    • Flat (No sheen)
    • Semi Gloss (30% Sheen)
    • Gloss (Full sheen)

      Factory Colors Available:

        • Absolute Black (UA)
        • Abyss Gray (ME)
        • Agate Black Metallic (UM)
        • Atlas Blue (B3)
        • Avalanche Grey (DR)
        • Black (UD)
        • Black Mica (UB)
        • Blue Flame (SZ)
        • Blue Jeans Metallic (N1)
        • Bronze Fire (H9)
        • Caribou (H5)
        • Iconic Silver (JS)
        • Ignot Silver Metallic (UX)
        • Lead Foot (JX)
        • Lightning Blue Tri Coat (N6) +$50
        • Lithium Gray (TB)
        • Magnetic (J7)
        • Magma Red (E2)
        • Oxford White (YZ)
        • Performance Blue Tri Coat (FM) + $50
        • Race Red (PQ)
        • Rapid Red (D4)
        • Rich Copper Tri Coat (B6) + $50
        • Ruby Red Tri Coat (RR) +$50
        • Shadow Black Mica (G1)
        • Silver Spruce (BN)
        • Star White Tri Coat (AZ) + $50
        • Stone Gray (D1)
        • Tuxedo Black (UH)
        • Velocity Blue Tri Coat (E7) + $50
        • White Gold Metallic (GN)
        • White Platinum Tri Coat (UG) +$50
        • Custom Colors available, please message us
      • Other custom Ford F-150 parts are available

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